Aquacamp77 is a unique style of aquatic training formed around a love of water & bootcamp. This fun interactive high intensity 1 hour workout will have you moving through the water using power strength endurance and cardio!

Participants will do things they probably thought they weren’t capable of doing. As the water provides buoyancy that reduces the impact of exercise on your body. It enables the body to move more freely, gain flexibility, mobility and pain relief.

It’s perfect for weight loss, toning, pregnancy (up until 25weeks), overall fitness, muscle recovery & confidence.

Our unique Aquacamp77 programs are written on the day of each session to allow a surprise element to your training. Which means you will never do the same session twice, keeping your body challenged and you most importantly motivated every time!


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You will only find us @ North Wyong Aqua Center on the Central Coast.

Join us 730-830pm: 

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

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Pay as you go
Bay 16 Donaldson Road, North Wyong.