About Me


Miriam has been around a pool for as long as she can remember. As a competitive swimmer for over 20years with a unique training style under her belt. Miriam’s love for water continued from teaching kids, teens and adults to learn to swim for 10 years. It was her love of health and fitness that would see Miriam pursue a career in Personal Training. For almost 10 years Miriam has run her own Personal Training Studio with a bootcamp flavour. It was here in Miriam first 6mths running her studio that she realized the need for a more inventive unique workout that would allow her clients to move freely without pain from niggling knees, back, shoulder etc that many people face as they exercise on land, but receive the same amazing results in water. Miriam returned back to her childhood training and created her very own water based bootcamp. Aquacamp77 was born in 2011, there is nothing like this anywhere else. The unique programs are written on the day of each session by Miriam, this allows a surprise element to her training. Which means her clients will never do the same session twice, it keeps clients challenged and most importantly motivated every time!
Aquacamp77 is a proud supporter of a charity foundation:
“Love Your Sister”