Has been making a splash since 2011. An inspired workout from my childhood as an elite swimmer. Aquacamp77 is an aquatic bootcamp style workout that is different from the rest.

From as young as 12+ years, no matter your shape or size, man or woman , you are welcome!

If you are struggling with a niggling injury? Your body needs a recovery session for aching muscles? Or you are looking at toning up and losing those unwanted kilos? 

Don’t hesitate any longer, head to the pool and “Make A Splash” with Aquacamp77.
Ladies, its even suitable for your first 25 weeks of pregnancy.
AQUACAMP77 is where fun meets fitness, you will forget your even exercising!

What to Bring

Wear something suitable for the pool. That you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind you may be jumping and getting fairly physical in the pool.  Bring along a bottle of water, towel, asthma puffer if you use one & clothes to wear home.


Years of Experience
5 +
Happy Clients
1300 +
Years of Aquacamp77

Benefits of working out in water


Gravity is the force that pulls us down. Buoyancy is the upwards force that keeps your body afloat in water. It dramatically relieves the impact on joint compression.

Multi Dimensional Resistance

No matter which way you move the water offers support and resistance in every direction. Making it perfect for agility strength and stability training.

Hydrostatic Pressure

when submerged in water this pressure can assist with the return of blood to the heart from your extremities and making heart function more efficient and contributing to improved cardiovascular fitness levels.


“I spent 2 years trying everything to fix my shoulder (zillion dollars on Physio).Aquacamp77 did what nothing else could in just a couple of months” ~
“2020 is my year of health and being a better version of me. When I started the journey I was looking for something challenging and different and I found aquacamp77 and Miriam. The combination is a winner!! Miriam gives everything she has to clients and boy does she get the results !! Post covid I'm 11 kilos lighter, healthier and stronger and this is all because I have Miriam in my corner. Make the splash you won't be sorry ~
“Amazing trainer great people to train with weight loss, workout without the soreness afterwards, help in rehabilitation after injury with less weight on limbs, gained movement back and on my way to a happy healthier person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ACTIVITY FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES” ~
“So much fun and so challenging. I am in my fifties and have MS, and I am always offered alternatives if something is beyond my capabilities ~